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Future Activities
Date: April - June 2009   

During April, May and June 2009 in the component for the Improved BDS Market are planned the following trainings:

04 April 2009

Topic 1. Application of regulations on interest write-off due to the obligations under certain taxes and contributions for compulsory social insurance;
Topic 2. Deferment of payment of tax debt in accordance with the Law on tax procedure and tax administration;
Topic 3. Payment of tax obligations through compensation.

6-8 April 2009

Subject: E-business

Day I - Introducing participants to the possibilities provided by MS Excel in e-commerce;
Day II - Introduction to basic internet services, as well as the basics of e-business;
Day III - Introducing participants with electronic payments, as well as the advantages that it offers in terms of saving time and money.

13 and 14 April 2009

Topic: Business Plan Preparation

1. Anatomy and theoretical approach to the business plan
2. Elaboration of concepts and key elements of business plan
3. Financial projections and models in the business plan
4. E-Guide for business plan - a program for drafting and calculations - models
5. Making the business plan with the e-guide for the business plan (workshop)
6. Financial models, projections and ratio analysis (workshop)
7. Questions, answers and discussion (FAQ)

21-25 April 2009

Theme: Innovation and application of economic and financial regulations

1. News in tax regulations
2. VAT-practical application
3. Employment relations and measures of government
4. Accounting and IFRS
5. Public Procurement - the new law
6. Activities of budget users in 2009

8 May 2009

Subject: Securities

- Operation of the financial market,
- Stock exchange indexes and their application,
- The rights of minority shareholders and their protection,
- Brokerage, portfolio managers, investment advisors,
- Publishing and selling of shares to professional investors,
- Public companies and procedure of issuing securities through public offer and public reporting obligations of public companies.

9 May 2009

Subject: Determination of capital gains and losses of legal persons and entrepreneurs

- What are the capital gains and losses?
- The subject of tax
- Determination of capital gains and losses
- Determination of purchase price
- Tax base and tax rate
- Taxation of capital gains of legal persons

15 May 2009

Topic: Application of regulations related to the high-tech crime

- Prevention of money laundering,
- Anti-corruption and information on national strategies adopted,
- Regulations related to foreign exchange and foreign trade business,
- Customs operations,
- Foreign investments, concessions.

16 May 2009

Topic: Types of intangible investment and the acquisition made in accordance with the application of IAS-38, IAS-36, IFRS-3, inventory

- Property, plant, equipment,
- Construction of buildings from own funds and bank loans
- Depreciation and amortization with regard to the application of IAS-16, IFRS-5, IAS-37, IAS-8, IAS-36
- Accounting and tax depreciation, investment property in accordance with IAS-40.

23 May 2009

Topic: Tax credit as a tax incentive in determining income tax

- Tax credits based on investments in fixed assets,
- Loss of the right to tax credit in the case of alienation of fixed assets prior to the expiry of the prescribed period,
- Tax credit for hiring new workers for an indefinite period of time
- Determination of tax credit on the basis of inter-company dividends

6 June 2009

Subject: Implementation of the Law on VAT

- Place of traffic of goods
- Place of traffic of services
- Services related to real estate
- Services in the field of culture
- Services to movables

27 June 2009

Topic: Some controversial issues related to the implementation of the Law on VAT

- Rent equipment from abroad
- Lease of real estate in the VAT system
- Construction and sales of real estate in the VAT system


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