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Seminar for Architects and Engineers “Campus Urbanism & Architecture” PDF Print E-mail
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Date: March 18th - 20th 2009   
An interesting topic - Campus Urbanism & Architecture and the renowned lecturer from Madrid - dr Pablo Campos Calvo-Sotelo, are sufficient reasons for gathering architects and engineers at a seminar that will take place at the Nis University in the period 18-20 March 2009.
Seminar is organized by SITON (Association of Engineering-technical Organizations of Nis) with the financial support of the LEDIB programme. Participants of the seminar can expect quite given the long year remarkable experience of the lecturer. 
Dr Pablo Campos Calvo-Sotelo is 20 years successfully studying, and projecting university campuses. He is involved in projecting building, as with urban planning of campuses, as with master plans for developing complete campuses, restoration of old universities and their expanding in old areas. Before visiting the Nis University centre, he has been in approximately 300 university campuses throughout the world, out of which 114 in Spain (which is the total number their). This fact only confirms the professionalism and experience of the lecturer in projecting complex structures. Mr Pablo Campos Calvo–Sotelo is the laureate of several prices for projects of campuses, and one of them is the price of the main project of the Villamayor campus of the Salamanca University (Spain). Given the great number of projects implemented, it is difficult to enumerate all where he has taken part. Mr Campos has a significant experience in implementing diverse structures, so that besides theory, he is featured with an imposing practical knowledge and experience. 
The seminar will be followed with a bi-language publication (Serbian and English languages) that will encompass topics of all lectures.

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