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Future Activities
Date: April - June 2009   
In the frame of this component, several projects will be realized in the period from April to June 2009. in the aim of strengthening the market of business development services and capacities of local providers of services.

1. Visibility upgrading of the BDS Providers
Use the accounting equation formula to avoid errors and understand your company.

The target group of the project ''Visibility upgrading of the BDS Providers'' is companies that provide services in the sphere of architecture (in architecture, consulting firms) and financial management (accounting agencies). The project will comprise 25 companies.

2. Improving the BDS legal services to SME sector

The target group of the project ‘'Improving the BDS legal services to SME sector'' is accounting agencies that provide services to SME sector. The project accounting agencies will pass through a series of training in the fields of the value added tax, labor law, income tax, etc. The project will include about 30 companies in the period from April to June, 2009.
3. Upgrading the capacities of URAN Association

In the project ‘'Upgrading the capacities of URAN Association'' will be included accounting agencies - members of Associations URAN. Agency will go through intensive training on the preparation of business plans, through the training necessary to obtain the title "certified accountant", as well as training for the title of "auditor". The project will include 30 agencies.
4. Business English

Project ‘'Business English'' will include 38 participants, representatives of companies for business development, who will pass through intensive English language courses.


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