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Future Activities
Date: February - August 2009   
There are many activities in the frame of this component which will be held in next few months and which are devoted to the education of business organizations with the goal of improving promotion and communication with the community.

February - July, 2009
• Organization and delivery of specialized English language course for 27 participants, members of the "Nis Women‘s Association"

February - August, 2009
• Design, prepress and printing quarterly bi lingual (In Serbian and in English language) news journals Association beginners in business Nis Region by the following dynamics of issue: February, May and August.
March - April, 2009
• Formal award certificates in connection to attend of introductory training "Cluster Establishment Procedures / Training for business organisations / business associations / business development providers" in Nisava District. The project is realised in partnership between LEDIB Programme and Entrepreneurial Associations in Aleksinac, Gadžin Han, Svrljig, Ražanj and Niš with more than 150 registered training participants within 10 training sessions.

March - April, 2009
• Issuing of Brochure for Economics Cross-Border Cooperation between Bulgaria and Serbia for Regional Chamber of Economy Nis staff and its members.

• Issuing of professional quarterly journal ARCHITECT for the Union of Engineering and Technical Organisations / Association of Architects Nis staff and their members.

• Students' exhibition from the field of interior architecture for the Union of Engineering and Technical Organisations / Association of Architects Nis staff and their members.

• Workshop "Financial Management and Accounting for Small Business Association".

• Follow-up training "Practical instructions for Small Business Association in project proposal preparation and project implementation".

April - May, 2009
• Realization of the second phase of training package "Language of Selling" in Niš, Aleksinac, Svrljig, Razanj and Gadžin Han. Training topics "Business team" and "Motivation of employees from the second phase" will be realized from the 1st of April, 2009 until 1st of June, 2009 in Nisava District.

March - June, 2009
• Follow up IT trainings - Web Editor. AUTO CAD. MS Project. MS Office Package for staff and member of business organizations and small business associations, BDS and clusters members.


April - August, 2009
• Realisation of new one Project Management Training Package - Concept and Procedures for the Project Management Implementation by software packages using, for business organisations/associations
• Formal award certificates in connection to attend of first training package from June to December, 2009

April - August, 2009
• Capacity Building of Small Business Associations from agro sector

April - August, 2009
• Follow-up training package for capacity building of Nis Regional Office of Serbian Agency for Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurship - Targeting the needs of Start-Up Clients
• Study visit to SMEE development agencies in Bosnia

April, 2009
• Improving the knowledge and skills of local journalists in order to better inform sector SMEs
April, 2009
• Organization and delivery of specialized "Marketing, presentation and promotion of small business association" workshop for staff and members of the "Nis Women‘s Association".



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