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The Association of Entrepreneurs and their members in the area Nisava District (from Aleksinac, Gadžin Han, Nis Ražanj and Svrljig) successfully completed three of the five training sessions in the training package "Language of Sales". The training is organized from January to the end of March 2009. by the local organization ENECA from the Nis LEDIB expert technical support team.

The "Language of Sales" provides an opportunity for small business organizations and their members - SMEs to qualify for the best practical application of mechanisms of sales and marketing strategies. Team work, motivation and training of employees and management, training, and contributes to the creation of successful market-oriented associations/companies, which will be able to monitor changes in the market and participate in the creation of a favorable business environment.

The training package "Language of Sales" includes the following training sessions:

1. Introduction to the techniques of selling
2. Sales
3. Marketing and sales
4. Business Team
5. Motivation of employees


At the official opening of training packages in Aleksinac, LEDIB program coordinator, Mr Carsten Lund stressed the importance of improving communication and negotiation skills in the aim of achieving successful business results.

The training was conducted by experts with years of experience in the field of couching sales, marketing, communications and sales organization. The great interest of participants is shown in the fact that 16 of the trainings held in Aleksinac, Gadžin Han, Nis, and Ražanj Svrljig have gathered over 190 representatives of SME associations that have recognized the importance of the implementation sales mechanisms in order to perfect everyday business.

Trainings had interactive presentations of all important aspects of sales (research, analysis, strategy, business protocols, styles of selling, establishing and fostering good relations with customers, suppliers, proper communication in order to improve the business). Very important for the analysis were practical examples from everyday life through case studies and exercises in which participants are happy to participate.

The last two training sessions package "Language of Sales" will be held in April and May in the organization of consulting house Mena Group from Nis. Through the basic concepts and latest trends, team work, then, management and motivation of employees - as an important aspect in the process of business, knowledge and skills provided by this complex training, a comprehensive knowledge shall be completed, which will get its full implementation in everyday business.


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