22 Jun 10

Within business services market development component an analysis of 15 service providers will be done. Business analysis is a part of “Support to business development services” project that originated from the need to promote and improve current condition of service providers. The project is supposed to help companies position themselves in a proper way in economic crisis, as well as to use their resources in the best possible way. The implementer of this project is ECC Consulting Company from Jagodina, http://www.biznis-konsalting.com/, and it will together with service providers define plan of their future activities. The project consists of the following stages:

  1. Assessment of company’s business current status
    Based on 2009 final accounts data, the current financial position of the client will be established, rational analysis done and income and expenditure structure identified. Also, the current organizational and staff structure and the level of technical equipment would be established for each individual client.
  2. Establishment of needs and problems within the company
    Based on identified situation and discussions with client, existing problems will be established and needs identified in order to achieve progress in business.
  3. Establishment of Marketing Strategy and market position existence
    Through observation and questionnaire techniques, as well as historical data, it will be established whether there is a marketing strategy within a company, and if it is consistent and corresponding with client’s needs.
  4. Existing client services offer, price forming
    Existing client services offer will be identified in the appropriate way, as well as price policy and other relevant factors that determine the level of service quality.
  5. Appropriate business strategy preparation
    The appropriate business strategy, especially marketing strategy, will be established in cooperation with the client, in order to reach the identified business goals.
  6. Strategy presentation and training
    Based on previous 5 steps, presentation and training on how to apply the business strategies in future, with special attention to internet business, business processes automatisation, cost reduction and sales skills will be organized.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation
    After the period of 90 days, an evaluation will be performed related to achieving of goals and application of established business strategies in order to set the potential correctional activities.

DI visits the General Assembly

Danish Industrial Confederation, international partner of “Capacity Building in RCC Nis” project, invited a four-member delegation of RCC Nis and LEDIB Programme to participate in the yearly DI General Assembly in Copenhagen in September 2010.

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