12 Jul 2010
31 Jan 2011

1.2 Advocacy improvement of the business organizations Scam video youtube.com


·         July- September 2010


Administrative and physical systematization in Regonal Chamber of Economy Nis (hereinafter RCE Nis), with LEDIB Programme technical support, as well as consulting assistance of two local service providers from Belgrade and Kragujevac and cooperation of RCE Nis management and employees


·         September 2010


RCE Nis participation at the General Assembly of Danish Industrial Confederation in Copenhagen


·         September - October 2010


“Team Work and Business Communication” workshop for RCE Nis staff


·         October - November 2010


“Improvement of Lobbying skills for Members Needs. Preparation of Lobbying Policy” workshop for RCE Nis, Nis Region Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, Nis Region Start-Up Clusters Union and Business Women Association Nis staff


·         October - November 2010


RCE Nis staff training needs Evaluation


·         October - November 2010


Evaluation of members’ satisfaction with services BMOs provided (RCE Nis, Nis Region Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, Nis Region Start-Up Clusters Union and Business Women Association Nis)


·         July – December 2010


Establishment of Centre for Foreign Trade and Cooperation with Diaspora in RCE Nis 


·         July 2010.


MoU signing between Republic of Serbia Ministry for Diaspora, RCE Nis, HELP and LEDIB Programme


·         August – December 2010


Capacity building in newly formed Entrepreneurs Associations in Aleksinac, Razanj, Gadzin Han and Svrljig


·         July – November 2010


Business couching for Nis Region Union of Start-Up Clusters – improvement of business correspondence and communication with stakeholders at local and national levels. Application of business planning and business system management methods and techniques  


·         July – September 2010


Establishment of Roma Entrepreneurial Organization – Cooperative in agro and recycling sector


·         July – December 2010


Monthly meeting of Cluster Business Club organized by Start-Up Union Nis


·         Jul 2010.


Second meeting related to establishment of National Cluster Association


·         December 2010 – January 2011


Second RCE Nis Top Management Strategic Meeting in Copenhagen – Strategic approach to lobbying for members needs


·         September 2010


Publishing the “INFOCLUSTER“ magazine number two by Nis Region Union of Start-Up Clusters


·         July – December 2010


Publishing two RCE Nis “REGIJA“magazines

DI visits the General Assembly

Danish Industrial Confederation, international partner of “Capacity Building in RCC Nis” project, invited a four-member delegation of RCC Nis and LEDIB Programme to participate in the yearly DI General Assembly in Copenhagen in September 2010.

Green Building

Venice Biennial