28 Sep 10

Supported by LEDIB Programme, and for the needs of Start Up Cluster and Opeka-Brick Cluster, the LEED® GREEN ASSOCIATE, EXAM PREPARATION COURSE took place in Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis. It is a “green building” training during which the participants were introduced to the concept of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard applied in EU countries. It is about the ecological building, the so-called green architecture, environmental protection norms and energy saving.


LEED® Exam Preparation Courses could be attended in Hungary, Bulgaria and Belgrade so far, but this time, as a result of great efforts of one of members and Construction Start Up Cluster Board of Directors President Ivana Lukic LEED® GREEN ASSOCIATE, EXAM PREPARATION COURSE took place in Nis.


- This educational training, held in English, was successfully organized due to LEDIB Programme support and good cooperation with Colliers International representative Jelena Nesovic and Marija Kutelova, lecturer - says Ivana Lukic. Thr course is very useful for all the persons involved in construction and real-estate businesses. The way of lecturing is adjusted to anyone wishing to learn about “green building”, and how to organize the building process, which involves not only architects and construction professionals, in a way that is least damaging to the environment. Topics like costs and advantages of “green building” standards, necessary points enabling the implementation process, ways of obtaining LEED certificates, as well as key LEED concepts were lectured. This system of certification could be applied to all the types of objects – residential and business ones, and several thousands buildings all over he world have already been verified according to this system. LEED accreditation for “green building’ consultant is an important certificate for qualified experts in the area, and is meant for persons with no experience in that field – states Ivana Lukic.


Implementation of such and innovative education represents a good way to create skilled staff that will be able to respond to future EU demands as well as worldwide standards in design and construction. Ivana Lukic claims that another significance of this topic promotion are Guidelines to be prepared in September by Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, according to which all the new buildings, in order to get licences, will have to have “Green Passports – Passports of Energy Efficiency”. This means that every building should have data on how much energy it consumes, how much it saves, as well as the info on building characteristics, location and heating cost. Therefore this kind of training was necessary for Construction Cluster members, and, as Ms. Lukic pointed out, they are especially grateful to LEDIB Programme that again made it possible for cluster members to gain knowledge necessary for SMEs competitiveness strengthening.

Empowerment and Education of Women in Agribusiness

Empowerment and Education of Women in Agribusiness project is implemented in order to enable financial independence and poverty reduction of unemployed women in Nisava and Toplica districts, through motivation, trainings and preparation for starting their own businesses – self-employment.

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