Area Development Association Jug – ORA Jug

Identification number PIB106262882
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy)28.09.2009.
Organisational formLimited liability company
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Marko Filipović
the executive director
AddressPC Ambasador, Strahinjića Bana bb, III/13
E-mail[email protected]


The mission of ORA JUG is the promotion of standards and quality of life of all the citizens of Niš, Pirot and Toplica district, through stimulating the healthy business environment and creating the new jobs, which lead to the improvement of the quality of life in the region.

Strategic objectives

Aim 1 – To take over the leading role in the process of strategic planning and development of the region, facilitate partnership and cooperation among the representatives from all the sectors of public, private and civil society

Aim 2 – To provide the assistance in resolving the needs of the private sector in the region and thus open new jobs

Aim 3 – To be a leading force in developing and managing the regional projects that induce socio-economic development of the region

Aim 4 – To operate as “the knowledge bank” concerning all the issues about the region, including the development of the database about the key domestic experts

Aim 5 – To promote, lobby and work as a representative of the region at the national and international level that shall explain the understanding of the problem supported by the necessary data and evidence

Nr of active members22
Structure of active members

Local self-governments, non-governmental organizations and representatives of the business sector

Membership location

Toplica, Niš and Pirot district

Services organisation is offering to its members

Strategic planning; design and implementation of the regional projects from the areas of economy, human resources, agriculture, rural development, infrastructure and sustainable development; creating databases from the regional level cover area; representing the region in development issues from the state and international level cover area.



Main partners

Local self-governments, non-governmental organizations, business sector, the EU Delegation in Serbia, state authorities of the Republic of Serbia (ministries), higher education and research institutions, programs of foreign governments that operate in the territory of the territorial coverage of ORA Jug, Regional Chamber of Economy, professional associations, etc.

Reference / key projects

At this moment, the organization has only one active project “Cheese Cluster Jug”, but a few projects from the area of the development of economy, human resources, environmental protection, development of tourism, etc. are in the preparatory phase.

Needs of business organisation


Training / list areas







Training from the area of management and project management in the field of the development of economy, human resources, agriculture, rural development, infrastructure and sustainable development.