Association of European Students of Technology Nis (BEST Nis)

Identification number PIB105043242
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy)12/01/2007
Organisational form
Contact person
Her/his function in the BMO
Ivana Ivanovic
The president of BEST Nis (for 2010)
AddressAleksandra Medvedeva 14
E-mail[email protected]

  • Increasing the mobility of the students of Nis University
  • Increasing the students’ understanding of European cultures and developing their ability to work on international basis
  • World and European integration in accordance with the provisions of the Sorbonne-Bologna Process
  • Cooperation with other organizations
  • Other objectives relevant to the promotion of the international cooperation of the technical science students

Mutual understanding among people and respect for other cultures and societies through joint activities and projects.

Strategic objectives

Establishment of strong ties among the University, its students and economic entities, through the implementation of various projects.

Nr of active members76
Structure of active members
  • Assembly
  • President
  • Executive Board
  • Supervisory Board
Membership location

Territory of the city of Nis and Nisava district.

Services organisation is offering to its members
  • A series of professional training
  • Personal development
  • Acquiring professional competence
  • Active participation in project implementation
  • Possibility for easier traveling and making new acquaintances
  • Making the environment that supports the people in achieving their full potentials


During every event or project BEST Nis publishes the brochure concerning the very event and contributes to its visibility in the district.

Main partners
  • Electronic Faculty Nis
  • LEDIB (for the project summer academic course “Some Like It Recycled, Urban Recycled!“)
  • The city of Nis (for the projects Job and Internship Fair “JOB FAIR ’09 INTERNSHIP – Your Career Starts Here“, 2009, the summer academic course “Smart Houses of the Future”)
  • LMB SOFT (for the project Local Engineering Competition, 2010)
Reference / key projects
  • ITC DM - Information Technology Committee Developers Meeting, July/August 2007
  • Summer academic course „Real IT- Where Academia Meets Industry”, July 2008
  • Job and Internship Fair “JOB FAIR ’08 INTERNSHIP – Your Career Starts Here“, November 2008
  • Cultural exchange with a local BEST group from Vienna, May/September 2009
  • Summer academic course “Some Like It Recycled, Urban Recycled!“, July 2009
  • Job and Internship Fair “JOB FAIR ’09 INTERNSHIP – Your Career Starts Here“, November 2009
  • Local Engineering Competition “Downwind”, November 2009
  • Regional meeting of the BEST region “Central-East”, April 2010
  • Local Engineering Competition, April 2010
  • Summer academic course “Smart Houses of the Future”, July 2010
Needs of business organisation

BEST Nis is open for all types of consulting, both concerning the organization of the concrete event and concerning some more concrete cases.

Training / list areas

Trainings for the members of the organization are organized and led by the members trained for it. The areas of training are:

  • Business communication
  • Cooperation with companies
  • Training for leaders
  • Teamwork
  • Project planning and project management
  • Promotion of the organization
  • Communication
  • Intellectual abilities and skills (soft skills)

BEST Nis is open to all kinds of ideas concerning networking and enabling access to its data that may be useful to both BEST Nis and its partner organizations.

  • Telephone
  • 3 computers
  • 2 laptops
  • Video projector
  • Copy machine
  • Laser printer
  • Mobile sound system for the hall that receives 50-100 people
  • Video conference camera
  • 2 office desks
  • Office cabinets to store documents
  • Mini bar
  • Expendable office supplies
  • Printing the promotional materials for the each event
  • Supplying food and drink for the events
  • Occasional accommodation of the guests from other local BEST groups