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Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy)01/02/2010
Organisational formAssociation - NGO
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Dušan Senćanski
secretary general
AddressObrenovićeva bb, TC GORČA Lok. M -12
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SloganHomo turisticus

The coordinated activity of the best experts on tourism, fostering of an interactive relationship between a tourist and tourism service providers, creating an environment for greater and better employment of people of all profiles, both by age and by education. Смотрите air and cooling near me на сайте.


A high level of receptive tourist offers of Southeast Serbia

Strategic objectives

The Association was formed with the aim to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Improving the receptive tourist activities;
  • Environmental protection and preservation of cultural and historical heritage;
  • Training in the field of tourism;
  • Organizing activities on rehabilitation and conservation of natural and cultural-historical ambient units;
  • Advocacy for changing the habits regarding the use and preservation of natural resources;
  • Collecting and processing scientific and technical literature in the field of contemporary trends in tourism development;
  • Developing strategies, programs and plans in the field of tourism;
  • Making of promotional and advertising publications in the field of tourism.
Nr of active members20
Structure of active members

The founders and direct implementers of program activities are the eminent university professors, certified experts in the field of organization and promotion of tourism values:

  • Professor PhD Ljubiša Mitrović, a full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, Sociology Department
  • Professor PhD Radosav Bubanj, a full professor at the Faculty of Physical Education, a former rector of the Nis University
  • Professor PhD Vidoje Stefanović, a full professor at the Faculty of Sciences in Niš, the group of subjects from the field of marketing in tourism and human resources
  • Professor PhD Milorad Božić, a full professor at the Law Faculty in Niš
  • PhD Zoran Aracki, a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Culture and Media, Megatrend University Belgrade. He teaches Communicology and radio and TV journalism
  • MSc Novica Ranđelović, a professor at the College of Vocational Studies of Management in Traffic in Niš
  • Vlasta Stanojević, the founder and the president of the sports and recreational organization SAFARI KLUB Niš
  • MSc Aleksandra Brzaković, the head of the Department of Agriculture and Village of the City of Niš
  • MSc Miša Rakocija, an associate of the Institute for the Protection of the Cultural Monuments of Niš
  • Dušan Senćanski, the editor in chief of the journal REGION (REGIJA) of the Regional Chamber of Economy Niš and the author of many projects and publications in the field of tourism
  • MSc Branko Krasojević, a professor of tourism and professional licensed tour guide and VIP escort in the country and abroad
  • Zoran Petković, the owner of the travel agency EUROTURS Niš
  • Predrag Stanković, the owner of the travel agency NITRAVEL Niš
  • Dragoslav Simov, the owner of the travel agency NITURS Niš
  • Dejan Senćanski, the owner of the travel agency JUST TRAVEL Niš
  • Dejan Svetozarević, the owner of TA PRIMA PLUS Niš
  • Bojan Milosavljević, the owner of TA SKY&SUN Niš
  • Velizar Tasić, the secretary of the Association for Trade, Transport and Tourism of the RCE Niš
  • And a number of professional young people in the field of tourism.
Membership location


Services organisation is offering to its members
  • Training for travel escorts, guides and local guides;
  • Developing studies, strategies, popular publications in the field of tourism, nature conservation and preservation of cultural and historical heritage.



  • Chief editor of Journal of the Regional Chamber of Economy Niš REGIJA (REGION)(2009)
  • Author of Tourism Development Strategy of Municipality Gadžin Han (2008)
  • Author of publications INVESTMENT LOCATION AND PROJECTS of Nišava , Pirot and Toplica District Publisher Regional Chamber of Economy Niš (2008)
  • Author of publications MONOGRAPH Regional Chamber of Economy Niš – second edition (2007)
  • Author of publications MONOGRAPH Regional Chamber of Economy Niš (2005)
  • Author of publications Tourist monographs NIS – SERBIA (2008)
  • Author of publications Niš – First impression - Tourist Guide (2008)
  • Author of publications NIS EXTREME - Tourist Guide (2008)
  • Author of publications Tourist Guide of Niš (2003) – with Tourism organization Niš
  • Author and publisher of publications Visitor Guide of Niš (2006) – Tourist Guide
  • Author and publisher of publications Welcome Passport to Niš (2004) - with Tourism organization Niš
  • Author and publisher of publications Business Guide Private Enterprise of Niš (2002)
  • Co-Author of the project NIS EXTREME – satisfaction with adrenaline Extreme sports are the new tourist product (2007)
  • Author of the project CATENA MUNDI 4x4 – East Serbia and West Bulgaria – Program



The organizer and implementer of the traditional sports and tourist events:

  • Making the popular videos from these events



Scientific disciplines: economics of tourism, tourism management, marketing in tourism Participation in the development of:

  • The Spatial Plan of Development of Niš (1989)
  • Scientific Basis for the Social Plan of the Municipality of Niš 1991-1995 (1990)
  • Studies on the Long Term Development of Niška Banja (1993)
  • Development strategies of several companies

Published books from the field of tourism:

  • Economics of Tourism
  • Tourism Management
  • Marketing in Tourism
  • Human Resources in Tourism
  • Tourism and development
  • Human Resources Management in Tourism

He has published over 200 papers in scientific conferences, symposia and professional journals, and 14 books on economics as well.


Senior Lecturer PhD ZORAN ARACKI

Scientific disciplines: communicology, journalism, globalization, European integrations, Balkan, economics, tourism

A journalist of "Večernje novosti"(”Evening News”),"Politika"(”Politics”), "Narodne novine" Niš (Official Newspapers Niš)

The head of the branch office of the Company "Novosti" Belgrade in Niš , in innumerable cases he has been a special rapporteur of the Company "Novosti" from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Scotland, the Nederland, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Austria.

Monograph: The Transition of the Media in the Era of Globalization (the appendix to the economics and deontology of the media), Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade

Scientific papers:

  1. The place of globalized media in understanding the Balkan nations, Sofia 2008
  2. The media in the network of foreign capital, Niš 2004
  3. The culture of peace and media in the Balkans, Niš 2006
  4. Globalization and its impact on the Balkan media, Lomonosov University, Moscow, October 2006
  5. The role of media in integration processes in the Balkans, Ethnographic Institute and Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, April 2007
  6. The globalization path of communication in the Balkans towards the virtual environment, Lomonosov University, Moscow, 2007
  7. Globalized media and their contribution to affirmation of tourism in the Balkans, Kemal Ataturk University, Tekirdag, Turkey, 2008
  8. The role of the media in turismology, Blagoevrgad, Bulgaria 2007
  9. Young people challenged to a networked society, Niš, 2007
  10. The media clash of global and local in the struggle for ethnic and cultural identities, Niš, October 2007
  11. The power of money and its impact on the media pluralism, Niš, 2008
  12. The new elites and their impact on the media, Niš 2008
  13. The new elites, monopolies and media pluralism, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski", 2008
  14. The transnational media and national identities – is the feedback possible, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski", 2008
  15. The media and the village: is there any hope, Bela Palanka, 2008
  16. Cross-cultural communication in the public area of Serbia, co-author work, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski", 2009
  17. Handling function of the media in covering up the real generators of the global economic crisis, Journal Konfliktologija No.3, Moscow, Russia.


Professor PhD Radoslav Bubanj

Fields : biomechanics, kinesiology, athletics


Bubanj, S., Stanković, R., Obradović, B., Kolar, E., Bednarik, J., Bubanj, R., Petković, E., Dimić, A., Đinđić, B. (2009). Body Mass Index as a Predictor of a Significant Decrease in Bone Density. Kinesiologia Slovenica, Vol. 15 (3): 29-39.

Bubanj, S., Stanković, R., Dimić, A., Obradović, B., Bubanj, R., Bubanj, M., Perić, S. (2009). Risk factors and bone density in athletes and nonathletes. Acta Medica Medianae, Vol. 48 (4): 45-49.

Bubanj, S., Stanković, R., Raković, A., Bubanj, R., Đorđević, M. (2009). Kinematics Analysis of the Trekking at the Different Angles of Inclination of the treadmill belt. Acta Kinesiologica, Vol. 3 (2): 31-37.

Stanković, R., Bubanj, S., Herodek, K., Bubanj, R. Marković, S. (2009). The Influence of Different Speeds of Thurst from the Bench on the Strength of Upper Limbs. Facta Universitatis Series Physical Education And Sport, Vol. 7 (2): 153-160.

Bubanj, S., Bubanj, R., Dragić, B., Živković, M. (2009). The Analysis in Basketball Shooting Techniques Using the Kinematics Method. Sport Mont – Journal Of Sport, Physical Culture And Health, № 18, 19, 20: 583-594.

Bubanj, S., Stanković, R., Bubanj, R. Nejić, D. (2009). The Comparative Biomechanical Analysis of the Squat Jump with and without Flexing the Knee Joint. Sport Mont – Journal Of Sport, Physical Culture And Health, № 18, 19, 20: 595-600.

Petrović, V., Bubanj, S., Bubanj, R. (2009). Sport as a Promoter of the New World Order. V European Congress of Physical Education Teachers, Proceedings, 850-855.

Kolar, E., Bednarik, J., Bubanj, R., Kovač, M. (2008). The Evaluation of Top Sports Results from the Standpoint of the Different Types of Audiences. Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn., Vol. 38, №. 4: 47-57.

Bubanj, S., Bubanj, R., Stanković, R., Petrović, V. (2008). Differences in the Maxiumum Isometric Muscle Potential of Lower Limbs. Acta Kinesiologica, Vol. 2, № 1: 19-23.


MSc Novica Ranđelović

Participation in the official program of the workshops, seminars, conferences:

„The Procedure of the Establishment of Clusters“, the project manager, coach, PPP + exercises

„(In)compatibility of Consumer Legislation in Serbia“, a project team member

A project manager, lecturer at the professional forums in more than 10 cities, PPP, a reviewer of the brochures „Consumer Rights and How to Achieve Them“ and „Buying Guide“ „By a Healthy Diet to Consumer Protection “, a lecturer

„The Role and Importance of Product Safety for Consumer Protection“, a keynote speech – the Opening of the Conference

„The Development of Theory and Practice of Consumer Protection in the Country and Abroad“ , a co-author of the scientific paper

„Training of the Personnel of the Alco-clusters of South Serbia – the lecturer, co-author of the project and coordinator of the project team

„Interest Networking Clusters – one step closer to Europe“, the reviewer and co-author

„International Marketing “, the lecturer

„Marketing, the Research on Marketing, the Research on the Needs and Behavior of the Consumers“ the lecturer and head of the seminar

He has published 8 books in the field of marketing and economic history and three textbooks in the field of economics.

He has published over 200 scientific papers from different fields of economics, consumer protection, marketing and management in special publications and professional journals throughout Serbia and former Yugoslavia.

He has participated in over 100 conferences, symposia, seminars, trainings and workshops (he has had a role of the person who reads a peper and/or organizer in over 40 of them)

He has been the editor in chief, the president of the publishing council, the editor and reviewer of over 20 books and publications from the various fields of science, culture, sport, etc.



An art historian, senior associate in the Bureau for Cultural Monuments Protection in Niš.

Apart from studying architecture and visual art, he is engaged in the protection and revitalization of the cultural heritage, and sacral monuments in particular. The greatest part of his scientific results has been published in professional journals and reported in symposia.

He published the following books:

"Slavni grad Niš - na krstoputini vekova" ("Niš - the Town of Glory")

"Manastir Sv. Oca Prohora Pčinjskog" ("The Monastery of St. Father Prohor of Pčinja"), and contributed to certain entries in the Encyclopedia of Niš and to the book "Kulturna riznica Srbije" ("Treasury of Serbian Culture").

Main partners
  • Regional Chamber of Economy Niš;
  • Tourist organizations of the municipalities in Southeast Serbia;
  • Travel agencies.
Reference / key projects

In the parts of the biographies of the members, the parts of the wide range of possibilities of ACADEMIE HOMO TURIOSTIKUS can be perceived.

It is important to stress out that in November 2010, in the premises of the RCE Nis, the Academy successfully educated 35 young people for the job of tourist escorts, who are, according to the Law on tourism, obliged to follow the tourist groups with more than 15 passengers. This is the beginning of the permanent education for the job of travel guides.

Needs of business organisation
  • Connecting with the funds in the country and abroad;
  • Exchange of experiences with similar organizations and institutions in the country and abroad.
Training / list areas

Additional specialized training and permanent education of employees in tourism or tourism service providers


With the similar organizations and institutions in the country and abroad, with the organizations in the public and private sector.


A camera, TV camera, laptop, video projector


Business premises and web presentation