Association of Business Women “DANICA”

Identification number PIB106859069
Founded on (dd/mm/yyyy)02/12/2010
Organisational formAssociation
Contact person
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Tatjana Nikolić
AddressStojana Ljubića 12
Phone+381 16 26 56 52
Mobile+381 62 29 28 81
Fax+381 16 26 03 75
E-mail[email protected]
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SloganUnited Women for a Faster Way to Europe

Promotion of female entrepreneurial initiative through training of members and provision of financial support


Gathering of women who find pleasure in working and creating businesses

Strategic objectives
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial way of thinking and behaving for women
  • Support to all the members wishing to start their businesses
Nr of active members44
Structure of active members

3 Enterprises, 38 Entrepreneurial shops, 3 Managers of major Companies
Most of members deal with production and trade (textile, agri-business, wood processing...)

Membership location

Jablanica and Pcinja Districts – Leskovac, Lebane, Vucje, Vlasotince, Vranje, Bosilegrad, Bujanovac....

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