08 Dec 10

LEDIB Programme consultants and PE “Aerodrom Nis“ Marketing Team members have been working on Airport Nis Marketing Plan and Strategy for more than six months. The final phase of the project was the study tour to airports in Denmark, in order to introduce Nis Airport Marketing Team members to organization and implementation of marketing activities on those airports, as well as the way in which they perform their operations and how airport enterprises are financed.


During the study tour that took place from November 28 – December 1, 2010, Aarhus and Odense Airports were visited, as they are very similar to Nis Airport.


The newly gained experience is related to marketing activities, as well as enterprise organization, technical equipment of airports and systems, ways of operational functioning and financing. This kind of knowledge will certainly be very significant for the implementation of Airport Nis Marketing Plan and Strategy as well as for promotion of the comprehensive organization and its daily activities.


Odense Airport is very similar to the one in Nis, most of all in regards to terminal building capacity, passenger and cargo registration system and technological process of aircrafts serving, whereas traffic and number of passengers are somewhat lower than in Nis. Visit to this Airport was significant in order to see the adequate level of technical equipment needed for such airports (approximately 25 000 passengers, and high quality equipment for aircrafts serving and navigation equipment, at minimum ILS CAT I). It was also important to hear information about the financing of the Airport, subsidized (in order to function properly) by the region it is located in due to the general interest.


Arhus Airport is a significant regional airport in Denmark, and has about 550 000 passengers every year (approximately 50% on domestic flights). It is self-sustainable and invests in development of infrastructure and modernization of airport equipment and systems. Visit to this airport was also very important, in order to define directions for Airport Nis future development the objective of which is to reach the level of Aarhus Airport (regarding the traffic, capacity, technical equipment, organization and marketing activities). Aarhus Airport Management Team shared their experience in cooperation with low-budget companies and necessary investments in infrastructure and promotion of technological processes, all of which are needed as pre-conditions for successful cooperation with those companies. They also presented the principle of marketing activities Aarhus Airport applies in order to advertise its services in an efficient way. Those ideas would be of utmost significance for further implementation of Nis Airport Marketing Plan and Strategy.


The complete study tour was very successful, as the gained experience and practical knowledge will be used for further development and promotion of Nis Airport functioning, both in regards to marketing activities and different technological processes related to aircrafts, passengers and cargo (luggage).

Roundtable of Profesional Business Organizations

Serbian Chamber of Engineers is organizing Cooperation in the Region with Local Government and Professional Organizations within Regional Centre Nis Roundtable on December 10, 2010.

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