Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark visited LEDIB Cluster House

16. May 2013.

High Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Mr. Mikael Erbs-Jørgensen visited for the first time since the end of the mission cluster LEDIB. Watch funny agario unblocked server and get biggest!

HARVARD Kennedy School

13. Feb 2013.

Carsten Lund, M.Sc., President of the Cluster House Assembly, will be attending an executive program at Harvard in the period 10th to 15th February 2013

Cluster House at “Business Base” Trade Fair in Belgrade

13. Dec 2012.

Business Base Fair is meant to be a place for business meetings through which small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs (SMEEs) share information and negotiate forms of future cooperation.

Forum of Small Businesses of SCC Asking for Enforcement of Law on Chambers of Commerce to Be Postponed

11. Dec 2012.

“Danas” Daily published an article of Professor Aleksandar Gracanac, PhD, SCC SME and Entrepreneurs Coordinator

Business Forum Serbia – Czech Republic

30. Nov 2012.

Serbian Chamber of Commerce, together with Czech Chamber of Commerce, is organizing the Business Forum and bilateral meetings of Serbian and Czech businesspeople, within the visit of the Czech Prime Minister to Republic of Serbia, at the premises of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Resavska 15, Belgrade, on December 17, 2012, at 12 o’clock.

New Success Stories in New Issue of Ekonometar

23. Nov 2012.

In the November issue of the Ekonometar Magazine, read about success stories of the Cluster House and its members.

Making of the Local Action Plan for Gender Equality in the Final Stage

22. Nov 2012.

The Local Action Plan for achieving gender equality of the City Municipality of Medijana is almost completed. The last joint meeting of the working group that has been preparing the plan over the past few months is scheduled for Monday, November 26, at 16:00 p.m.

11th International Fair of Entrepreneurship “Business Base 2012”

21. Nov 2012.

The potentials of the South will be presented at the XI International Fair Business Base taking place at Belgrade Fair, Hall 1, from November 29 to December 3, 2012.

Cluster Forum

21. Nov 2012.

The FIRST FORUM OF CLUSTERS IN SERBIA is taking place in December 2012, organized by the Council for Clusters of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Cluster House.

Article in daily news Frankfurt "Vesti"-"Bridge connected Balkan and Denmark"

13. Nov 2012.

An article from the independent daily news (in Serbia known as the Frankfurt “Vesti”), a newspaper aimed at readers from the former Yugoslavia in the Diaspora.

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