21 Apr 11

USAID Agribusiness Project organized preparation of a study related to economic analysis of production of cherry and sour cherry in Serbia that systematizes available data on production, processing and selling of those two types of fruit in Serbia and export from Serbia, as well as marketing chain structure, existing problems and suggested ways of solving them. It also considers the economic analysis of production and lists economic indicators of both products growing and exploitation, production costs calculations, buying, selling and export prices. The objective of this study is to provide necessary data on production for both the existing producers and the ones preparing to start with this type of agricultural production.

This document was made by ZoricaSredojevic, Professor of Agricultural Faculty in Zemun, and can be downloaded from the following link: Download document;


Awakening of Old Crafts Spirit in Youth
Awakening of Old Crafts Spirit in Youth

In partnership with LEDIB – Danish Programme for Local Economic Development and supported by City of Nis, VILIN VEZ Association organized the first Best Painted Easter Egg event during Easter Holidays.

Training for Advisors

Pilot project on Pupils’ Entrepreneurship (November 2009 – June 2010)
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