27 Apr 11

Serbian Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors confirmed the nominations for Cluster Council members. According to its Decision, Danka Milojkovic, LEDIB Programme Coordinator is the President of the Council, and DusanPuaca, President of RCC Kragujevac her Deputy.

Other Cluster Council Members are: VesnaRusic, Crafts – Cluster for revitalization of the old crafts Board of Directors President, DraganBegovic, Regional Automobile Cluster of Central Serbia Director, DejanVratonjic, Automobile Cluster of Serbia, RajkoSredanovic, Agency for Wood Cluster Board of Directors President, BiljanaAvramovic, Dundjer Construction Cluster Manager, SladjanjaMilojevic, Facts Textile Cluster and Fashion Industry from Arilje Director, DonkaRadovic, Polux Cluster Vice-President, MirjanaRadenkovicRatkovic,Memos Cluster Manager and ZoranZlatkovic, Opeka-Brick Construction Cluster Manager.




National Association of Clusters founding was initiated by EU SECEP Programme, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, and it was supported by LEDIB Programme from the beginning. This is the first Cluster Council in Serbia, and its role is lobbying, networking and business support to clusters

Awakening of Old Crafts Spirit in Youth
Awakening of Old Crafts Spirit in Youth

In partnership with LEDIB – Danish Programme for Local Economic Development and supported by City of Nis, VILIN VEZ Association organized the first Best Painted Easter Egg event during Easter Holidays.

Training for Advisors

Pilot project on Pupils’ Entrepreneurship (November 2009 – June 2010)
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