Deputy Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator and Administrator/Office Manager for the Fruits and Berries Programme in Nis, Serbia

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In Serbia the four year Private Sector Programme: Support to the fruits and berries sector in

South of Serbia (The Fruits and Berries Programme) will aim at supporting the development of high quality and competitive fruit and berry products for export and home market. The Fruits and Berries Programme will support improvement of productivity and quality with a special training of extension service and producers on education and training, investment in fruit and berries sector, capacity building among producers and market initiatives, and improvement of post harvest management, research and control.


The Programme will work in the Jablanica, Nisava, Pcinja and Toplica districts in the South of Serbia. Within these districts the focus will be on five value chains, which are raspberries, sour cherries, strawberries, blueberries and plums.


The Programme has two main components:


1.      Capacity building of extension service, training, improvement of cooperation between producers, including a sub-component for development and enhancement of cooperation throughout the entire value chain from producers to consumers and exporters, including market surveys and cooperation in marketing. The Programme will focus on the entire value chain for the five fruits and berries produced in the four districts in the South of Serbia.


2.      Grant scheme for investment in primary production and processing. The grant scheme component will focus on investment in new production methods and improvement of quality and competitiveness.  The contributions of the investments to environment, gender, youth, migration and poverty reduction will be important to consider in the selection of the investments.


For the Fruits and Berries Programme we are currently recruiting Serbian nationals for two positions in the project office in Nis, Serbia:


  • Deputy Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator
  • Administrator/Office Manager


Job Description: Deputy Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator


The Deputy Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator will in close cooperation with the expatriate Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator be responsible for the day to day operation of the capacity building/technical support functions of the project. He/she will report to the Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator.


Key Activities and Responsibilites:


  • Promote the Programme to and recruit potential clients/participants
  • Identify the needs for consulting services and deliver such consulting services to clients alone or in cooperation with project partners/consultants
  • Identify and recruit consultants and trainers and develop scopes of work/TOR for such consultants and trainers
  • Develop and deliver training courses to clients and beneficiaries of the Programme
  • Develop and write technical booklets and other information material
  • Contribute to the establishment of farmers’ associations, cooperatives and other organizations
  • Design and conduct market surveys and research in domestic and international markets
  • Participate in and contribute to marketing activities with clients both in domestic and international markets
  • Evaluate and assess investment proposals for the grant scheme
  • Maintain regular contacts with Serbian project partners, consultants, trainers and other service providers and serve as the project’s main information contact point
  • Maintain regular contacts with national, regional and local government officials
  • Contribute to the development of strategies, policies, procedures and work plans for both components of the Programme, including the grant scheme, in accordance with EU agricultural policies
  • Monitor and report results of project activities
  • Assist Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator in the financial administration of activities
  • Perform other activities and duties as required by the Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator


Experience and Qualifications:

  • Minimum of ten years of varied experience from horticulture and agribusiness in positions with increasing management responsibility, preferably from private enterprises, international organizations or management consulting/agricultural extension services
  • Higher education at university level, preferably in agronomy/horticulture and/or business administration
  • Experience from evaluation of business plans/investments and financial analysis and facility with accounting, budgeting and numbers in general
  • Solid practical experience and technical skills in farm management/GAP and from agricultural products processing industry with particular emphasis on fruits and berries
  • Good knowledge of and preferably also experience with implementing EU’s agricultural policies
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in both English and Serbian
  • Entrepreneurial approach and good general business sense and skills
  • Good interpersonal competence and skills, including both formal and informal networking ability
  • Results oriented attitude
  • Proven organization skills
  • Drivers license


Job Description: Administrator/Office Manager


The Administrator/Office Manager will be responsible for the day to day operation of all administrative and office management functions of the project. He/she will oversee and direct all office management functions and will report to the Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator.


Key Activities and Responsibilities:


  • Develop and implement office routines, processes and procedures for the smooth and efficient operation of the office
  • Procure office equipment and furniture as well as office supplies
  • Set up and manage IT and computer hardware and software including all telecommunications (fixed lines, Internet, fax, mobile phones)
  • Establish and maintain/update the Programme’s web site
  • Establish and maintain computerized database system for monitoring of project activities, accomplishments and results
  • Manage and coordinate transportation and logistics, including The Programme’s vehicle, and function as driver as and when required
  • Coordinate and arrange venues for training sessions and other events
  • Perform accounting functions and maintain financial records for reporting to the Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator
  • Develop and monitor the budget for operational costs
  • Act as interpreter (English/Serbian and Serbian/English) for Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator and other expatriate advisers/consultants
  • Translate documents (English/Serbian and Serbian/English)
  • Perform other activities and duties as required by Senior Advisor/Programme Coordinator


Experience and Qualifications:

  • Minimum five years experience from office management, administrative, accounting and IT functions in an international organization or private enterprise
  • Higher education at university level
  • Facility with accounting and budgeting and numbers in general
  • Solid technical IT and computer skills – both hardware and software
  • Excellent communication skills in both English and Serbian
  • Good organization skills
  • Drivers license


Please send a brief application letter with a CV no later than Friday December 17, 2010 to:


By e-mail:        [email protected]


By mail:           The Fruits and Berries Program

                        Strahijica Bana bb

                        Business Center “Ambassador”, IV Floor

                        18000 Nis, Serbia


Please indicate in your application letter, for which position you are applying. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

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