17 Nov 11

Etno Forum Association of Women was founded in 2009, with financial support of PSS Nis, and upon the initiative of about twenty women from Svrljig who were motivated by a difficult financial situation they faced. At the moment, there are about 50 members of various ages, education and nationalities in the Association.


Association mostly deals with affirmation of women in the fields of agricultural production, preservation of the old crafts and handwork, as well as creating projects related to social issues, environmental protection and assistance to children, youth, disabled persons and elderly population.


Having in mind that women from Svrljig Municipality are in a very difficult financial situation, without jobs and means for living, we are trying to find at least temporary, and in the next period even permanent, solution for them.


Zlatne niti (Golden Threads) Project during which we provided four looms for the traditional weaving and trained more than twenty women to work on them, was financially supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Culture and Office for Development of Underdeveloped Areas. On them, our members are making cotton and wool bags for KASSKER Fashion Company from Svrljig, bottle bags for STATUS Winery, as well as other clothing items sold in several stores. One of them is SHOWROOM of Start-up Clusters Union in Nis, supported by LEDIB.


Project related to activities with children with spinal deformities is also being implemented, and it is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. A medical-recreational centre equipped with massage bed, exercise mattresses, dumbbells and pilates balls was formed as a part of this Project. An experienced physical therapist works with children, so this Centre became very popular in a short period of time, with a large number of visits.


We cooperate with numerous organizations from the country and abroad. These are Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Culture, Office for Sustainable Development of Underdeveloped Areas, LEDIB, USAID, Fruits and Berries, Nemanjici Ticino Humanitarian Organization from Switzerland, Timacum maius Association from Svrljig, Association of Business Women, Chamber of Commerce, Etnos Ecology Association from Svrljig, and many others.


We have organized numerous fundraising events, preventive medical examinations, and participated at many fairs, conferences and trainings. From a small Association, we are slowly developing into a serious institution that is working on promotion of marginalized groups of people.


'' Etno forum'' Association of Women Svrljig
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National Agency for Regional Development, together with Belgrade Fair, is organizing Business Base 2011 - the 10th International Fair of Entrepreneurship, at Belgrade Fair Hall 1 from December 1 – 3, 2011.

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