11 Dec 09

Right after the new Law on Associations was adopted, representatives of five clusters that are cooperating with LEDIB Programme submitted their applications for registration. SMEs from different sectors together with supplementary services from Nisava region, and with great technical assistance of LEDIB Programme through the development projects for local administration, business membership organizations, clusters in textile, construction and agro sector, business development services and credit facility line for SMEs, have initiated the founding of those clusters (textile, construction and agricultural) during the last two years. https://isra.news иран израиль последние новости.

Textile cluster “Impulse” consists of twenty-two textile sector enterprises and four supporting institutions, while the Textile Start Up Cluster consist of nine enterprises and three supporting institutions. Construction cluster “Opeka – Brick” consist of fifteen construction enterprises and three supporting institution, whereas the Construction Start Up Cluster consists of nine enterprises and three supporting institutions. Finally, Agro Start up Cluster consists of ten agricultural enterprises and three supporting institutions.

After the administrative acknowledgement of clusters, they would start opening their offices and implementing the Cluster Development Strategy.

Study Tour to “Green Academy” Agricultural School in Arhus, Denmark

LEDIB Programme is supporting the ongoing preparation of a study tour of representatives of Agricultural School “Sumatovac” from Aleksinac to “Green Academy” Agricultural School from Arhus, Denmark. The expected results of the visit are the introduction to possibilities of cooperation among the two schools, transfer of knowledge as well as Memorandum of Understanding signing.

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