09 Dec 09

At the end of October the experts of Danish Media and Journalism School Ms. Pernille Bogild and Mr. Tomas Palesen visited media in Nis, as a part of LEDIB project “Nis Region Media capacity building in covering business news, with a special focus on clusters.“ Its mission is to ascertain the existing capacity level and skills related to reporting and covering economic news, in order to set the directions for organizing seminars that would result in better informing of targeted public on business matters.

During a two-day visit, Danish School representatives visited seven Medias: TV 5, NTV, TV Zona, TV Kopernikus, Radio Nis, Narodne Novine (local newspapers), Media Centre, and Info polis, an on-line magazine in the process of establishing. During discussions with editors and journalists, the current media needs for faster, more purposeful and efficient informing of the public on the latest business topic have been defined.

Based on the needs established during the first mission, the Danish Media and Journalism School would develop a curriculum for workshops and seminars that would promote information activity, and thus endorse the economic potentials according to LEDIB Programme’s enabling of business environment for development of entrepreneurship and providing the visible best business practices examples.

Five Clusters Submit Applications for Registration

Right after the new Law on Associations was adopted, representatives of five clusters that are cooperating with LEDIB Programme submitted their applications for registration. SMEs from different sectors together with supplementary services from Nisava region, and with great technical assistance of LEDIB Programme through the development projects for local administration, business membership organizations, clusters in textile, construction and agro sector, business development services and credit facility line for SMEs, have initiated the founding of those clusters (textile, construction and agricultural) during the last two years.

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