21 Nov 11

Agrozem and LEDIB Programme purchased and installed five modern weather stations, necessary equipment in the integral fruit production, as a part of preparation process for development and introduction of the system for early warning and monitoring of diseases and pests in agricultural cultures (fruits, vegetables, crops).


The purpose of the equipment is to gather and process weather data, and then provide timely information on the onset, lasting and intensity of certain plant disease or pests. This is how it can precisely be established how to treat plants and which preparations to use. Correct application enables significant savings of plant protection preparations as well as use of tractors and human labour.


Weather data also provide the image of micro-climate conditions, which enables easier selection of cultivars and varieties most suitable for a certain location.


Weather stations have solar engines, and data are transmitted via GMS to computers.


These stations are also accompanied by software with developed forecast models for the most significant fruit diseases, and the monitoring of effective temperature sums enables identification of deadlines for supressing of all pests the development of which depends on effective temperature sums.


Weather stations have been installed at five locations.


In Razanj, the station is installed in the orchard of AleksandarMihajlovic from Association of Fruit and Grape Growers Razanj.


In Aleksinac, the station is installed in Moravac village, on the land of LjubisaZarkovic of Beekeepers Society Aleksinac.


The third station is in Batusinac village, on the land of SinisaDinic of Agro-Batusinac Association.



ther two stations are installed in the plum demo-orchard in Oblacina village, on the land of SlavoljubDinic from Oblacinskavisnja Agricultural Cooperative and peach demo-orchard in Hum village, on the land of AleksandarMilojevic of Vocar-Hum Association.


The objective of this type of Agrozem and LEDIB Programme activities is to improve the level of agricultural production, making it as close as possible to EU – regarding product treatment control and quality improvement, as a step in preparation for introduction of standards in the agricultural production (GLOBAL GAP; IPM, etc.)

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