06 Jul 10

Since LEDIB Programme initiated establishing of the Nis region Start-Up Clusters Association, a regional cluster association, LEDIB Programme representatives and their partners will support initiative for establishment of the National Cluster Association by participating at the meeting organized by SECEP – Programme for Support to Enterprise Competitiveness and Export Promotion, financed by EU. This project is implemented together with Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Republic of Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency, National Agency for Regional Development and Government Vice-President’s Cabinet for European Integrations the part of which is the National Competitiveness Council. During this meeting actual ways in which SCC can support clusters and their National Association will be presented and SECEP Legal Consultant will explain legislation and suggest possible legal model for establishing and functioning of Clusters Association. All the participants will also have the chance to contribute to development of this idea. The meeting will take place in Serbian Chamber of Commerce premises on July 8, 2010, and LEDIB Programme will be represented by Carsten Lund, Goran Zlatkovic and Danka Milojkovic, together with Programme partners Jasna Stevovic, of Nis region Start-Up Clusters Association, Sasa Mitrovic, of Impuls Textile Cluster and Dragan Grozdanovic, of Opeka-Brick Construction Cluster.

HARVARD Kennedy School

Carsten Lund, M.Sc., President of the Cluster House Assembly, will be attending an executive program at Harvard in the period 10th to 15th February 2013

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