21 Nov 11

In order to promote fruit production in our region, LEDIB Programme prepared a project of establishing five demo-orchards, in cooperation with Scientific Fruit Society of Republika Srpska and experts of Faculty of Agriculture Banja Luka.


Demo-orchards are the most efficient method of new knowledge transfer in the field of fruit production, as they consist of current cultivars, new varieties and application of the additional agro and pomotechnical treatments.


Establishment of demo-orchards is an activity meant for advisors, producers and associations. Orchards will be used as a tool for producers and advisors in the area of up-to-date fruit processing.


The project is implemented with support of Agrozem Agricultural Advisory Service, and the main beneficiaries are producers – SPUNO Association members.


Five orchards have been established: apple, plum, sour cherry, cherry and peach. Orchards have been formed on the land of Vocar Association of Fruit and Grapes Growers from Hum and Sour Cherry of Oblacina Agricultural Cooperative from Merosina. Orchards will be equipped with the latest irrigation systems, sprinkling systems and anti-hail net. A weather station will be placed on one of the locations in order to send data based on which the early warning to diseases and pests system will be formed.


On these locations, Agrozem Advisory Service will carry out practice trainings for SPUNO Association members as well as all other interested beneficiaries.


Cultivar forms and varieties in the demo-orchards are the following:

  1. Apple- Slim Spindle and Solaxe; Varieties- Gala, Elstar, Red Chief, Idared and Fuji.
  2. Plum- Slim Spindle; Varieties - Cacak Early, Katinka, Cacak beauty, Stanley, Cacak best.
  3. Sour cherry - Slim Spindle; Varieties - Sour cherry of Oblacina, Erdi High, Meteor, Hyman’s Ruby, Favourite, Memory of Maliga .
  4. Cherry- Spindle and Spanish Bush; Varieties - Stella, Sunburst, Regina and Cordia.
  5. Peach- Tatura trellis and Modified Verona vase; Varieties: Spring crest, Royal gem, Red Heaven, Elegant lady, Independence.


For all the detailed info and planned activities schedule, please visit Agrozem web-site, or contact Agrozem directly.

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