29 Dec 2011
30 Dec 2011

Istar 21 Danube Touristic Cluster is organizing training related to rural tourism. Instead of conventional ones, the lecturers will be people from villages who are active in this field and who will present their own good practices, as that kind of concept is expected to be more effective. Topics to be presented are the result to the needs identified in the field, especially of those villages that are just beginning with rural touris, and some of them are Importance of NGO Sector, Private Initiative and Joined Efforts, Role of Local Authorities in Rural Tourism Development (example of village that has a Development Strategy till 2020 and that worked on many projects, including IPA), First Impression Creating or How to Keep Village Tidy and Clean, Role of Rural School in Raising Awareness on Tradition and Environment, Organizational Scheme in Rural Tourism (good practices with actual examples of necessary contracts, forms, etc.), Projects – Sources of Financing and Funds, etc. The Seminar is taking place at Banja Jurakovic on November 29- 30, 2011.

LEDIB Cluster House at Business Base in Belgrade

National Agency for Regional Development, together with Belgrade Fair, is organizing Business Base 2011 - the 10th International Fair of Entrepreneurship, at Belgrade Fair Hall 1 from December 1 – 3, 2011.

Istar 21 Trainings

Agro-eco Tourism - RTS1