19 Jan 10

Nis Airport is, except for Airport Belgrade, the only international airport in Serbia. It is located in the South-East Serbia and development plans for future years are to position Airport Nis as a significant regional airport. The market research of airport catchment area is a very important document that can provide important data for future plans and traffic forecast. That is why Nis Airport and LEDIB have initiated the Market Research project for Nis Airport catchment area. The project will start in mid-January, in cooperation with the Air Traffic Department of The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering from Belgrade. The research will cover surveys about the market size, segmentation of the market, passenger profile and new travel trends in air traffic. The Market research of Nis Airport catchment area will be the base for further Marketing Plan project that will be implemented by LEDIB and Nis Airport.

Study visit and twinning between Agricultural School "SUMATOVAC” from Aleksinac and “Green Academy “ from Arhus
Study visit and twinning between Agricultural School

A group of teachers from Agricultural School “Sumatovac” from Aleksinac visited the Agricultural School “Green Academy” from Aarhus, Denmark from 10-16.01. This study tour, as well as the implementation of a twinning project between two schools was organized and financed by LEDIB Programme.

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