22 Jan 10

Supported by LEDIB Programme, representatives of the Grammar School in Aleksinac visited Vajle Municipality in Denmark and attended the Fair of Innovations in December 2009. They were impressed with everything they have seen, and happy to pass their experience onto the pupils, who have shown great interest in learning about education and lives of their peers in Denmark. As the School representatives were very pleased with their visit to Vajle the management decided to include suggestions for possible continuation of cooperation with LEDIB Programme into their Development Plan, related to youth entrepreneurship and other topics.

Study visit and twinning between Agricultural School "SUMATOVAC” from Aleksinac and “Green Academy “ from Arhus
Study visit and twinning between Agricultural School

A group of teachers from Agricultural School “Sumatovac” from Aleksinac visited the Agricultural School “Green Academy” from Aarhus, Denmark from 10-16.01. This study tour, as well as the implementation of a twinning project between two schools was organized and financed by LEDIB Programme.

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