11 Jan 10

Based on the Nisava District agricultural sector survey for the period of March – May 2009, conducted by the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service (DAAS) from Aarhus, and with LEDIB Programme technical support, one of the observations was that there is a need for implementation of business development project “Association or Cooperative of Sour Cherry Producers in Merosina Establishing”.


Merosina Municipality, DAAS, Association of Agricultural Cooperatives Nis and LEDIB Programme resulted in establishing the “Sour Cherry of Oblacina” Agricultural Cooperative on December 2, 2009. The premises of the Cooperative are in Merosina, 17 Cara Lazara Street. Forty eight cooperants participated at the Founding Assembly.


Vlastimir Nikolic was elected as Assembly President by majority of votes.


Cooperative Assembly unanimously elected the Management Board that consists of:

  1. Mitrovic Goran, from Krajkovac,
  2. Golubovic Zoran, Balicevac and
  3. Vlastimir Djordjevicević, Merosina.


The Assembly unanimously decided that the founding stake would be 4,000.00 RSD

Study visit and twinning between Agricultural School "SUMATOVAC” from Aleksinac and “Green Academy “ from Arhus
Study visit and twinning between Agricultural School

A group of teachers from Agricultural School “Sumatovac” from Aleksinac visited the Agricultural School “Green Academy” from Aarhus, Denmark from 10-16.01. This study tour, as well as the implementation of a twinning project between two schools was organized and financed by LEDIB Programme.

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