21 Sep 11

On September 16 – 17, 2011, Association of Accounting Agencies of Nis (URAN Association) hosted Associations from Novi Sad, Uzice and Krusevac – Business Association of Accounting Agencies Owners Novi Sad (UVRA Association), Unit of Accountants from Krusevac and Unit for Finances and Bookkeeping Uzice. รองเท้าส้นสูง


The four Associations signed MoU in order to establish joint market presentation related to relevant Institutions making important decisions for SME sector. All the participants agreed that networking inside Associations is necessary in order to promote and stress out the role of accountants and other financial management personnel. Their knowledge will be improved trough permanent trainings in order to keep up with constant changes in business.


During a two-day visit, URAN Association organized a presentation of internet accounting entry software, as well as Negotiating Skills training.


Plan is for this kind of meetings to be organized in a wider context as well, with Associations from all over Serbia, to which Institutions that could influence problem solving in this field of business should be invited as well.


LEDIB Programme supported this event through Business Development Services Component, dealing with promotion of business and development services market in this part of Serbia.

National Dishes Preparation Contest

October is the traditional month of food, as, among other events, World Food Day is observed on October 16 and International Chefs Day on October 20.

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